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So today I was listening to Pema Chodron and doing a great job of calming my anxieties and stress. That was until I went online to do the meaningful use submission for the Medicare insurance for 2013. At that time, I just lost it completely.

No matter how hard you try to calm your thinking and your breathing and not attach to frustrating situations, occasionally we all lose it.

Receiving reimbursement based on not ordering an x-ray or MRI for studies for someone who comes in complaining of back pain. Therefore, reinforcing the physician to not order any studies, even if something sinister might be ongoing.   However, the same person with minimal anatomic findings could have surgery without having trailed any conservative treatment modalities such as physical and massage therapy. The fact that your insurance companies pay minimal for massage therapy; which should be the first treatment of choice for many of these situations. 

Using our reductionistic approach: 

We continue to spend exorbitant amounts of money on surgical interventions that are not necessary. 

If you are not fixed the interventional or operative procedure, then you are considered to be a failure or a “bad patient”. 

The moral of the story is that medicine is becoming so big brotherish. Medical practitioners are now forced into very restricted guidelines that focus on policies like prescribing pharmaceuticals for your cholesterol and lipids instead of recommending lifestyle changes or allowing allowing the individual to rely on their own intuition. We continue to train you, the patient, to believe that we can fix all of your problems, as opposed to having you focus on their own body’s ability to heal itself. 


Sorry for the rant, but had to vent the frustration of the day!!!!!


Dr J

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